A Concise History of Bolivia

Prijs: € 18.99 – Omschrijving: In its first edition, Herbert Klein’s A Concise History of Bolivia won immediate acceptance within Bolivia as the new standard history of this important nation. Surveying Bolivia’s economic, social, cultural and political evolution from the arrival of early man in the Andes to the present, this current version brings the history of this society up to the present day, covering the fundamental changes that have occurred since the National Revolution of 1952 and the return of democracy in 1982. These changes have included the introduction of universal education and the rise of the mestizos and Indian populations to political power for the first time in national history. This second edition brings this story through the first administration of the first self-proclaimed Indian president in national history and the major changes that the government of Evo Morales has introduced in Bolivian society, politics and economics. Specificaties: Conditie: Nieuw EAN (artikel code): 9780521183727 Levering: Verzenden View full post on Boeken: Geschiedenis | Marktnet

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